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Fixer Upper Ft Collins Investment Properties


When you decide to purchase Northern Colorado investment properties, you will want to start with our professionals at HomeVestors. We are known in the community as the "We Buy Ugly Houses" people. We are always watching for houses in our area that need repairs. In business since 1996, we have had the chance to buy more homes than we can repair.


Investors in this Colorado area work with us in many different ways. Depending on if you want homes that you can fix up yourself or you want one that is ready for a rental tenant, we have the homes you are looking for. Our trained team can do all the hunting for you and save you time yourself. Especially in the world of real estate, time is money. If you are wanting to buy a home in Ft Collins for investment purposes, turn to HomeVestors


Ready to Go Northern Colorado Investment Properties


Maybe you are an investor who would like to purchase more than one property but do not really have the time to fix them up yourself. That is where HomeVestors comes in. We specialize in homes that need repairs and possibly a little TLC. Our basic service is we have highly trained professionals who evaluate and buy homes that are a tad bit older. Typically we look for homes that are 10 years old or even older. Most often times the homes need updating. We have them ready for the first time home buyer or investor like yourself. They are repaired to fit all the city and state codes if they currently do not.


Our independent franchise owners and trained buyers are ready to purchase homes at below market value. They can make the renovations that need to be done and still give you a great price on the home of your interest. Our homes are excellent Northern Colorado investment properties for anyone who wants to earn a little extra money through investments. Whether you are just beginning your career in real estate investment or you are a veteran, we have the help you need in our local office.


HomeVestors can also sell my house today!


Are you needing to sell your house instead of buy my house in Northern Colorado? If you are thinking I need to sell my house quickly, call HomeVestors. You will not be saying I need to sell my house in Northern Colorado anymore, you will be saying HomeVestors pays cash for your house!