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Sell My House

HomeVestors of America is in the business of buying homes for the purpose of rehabbing them to make them nice-looking to today's first time homebuyer and real estate investors. Since 1996, the  We Buy Ugly Houses people have been buying homes just like yours. We specialize in older homes, those that may need repairs or maybe just updating. The great news is that we are always looking for more to buy and we can pay cash for your house! We are often asked, "How do I sell my house fast in Northern Colorado."  When you contact one of our experienced house buyers about how to sell your house, you will normally be given a quick offer and the ability to close in a fast and timely manner that fits your schedule.


Selling my house quickly


We recognize that selling a Northern Colorado house sometimes comes about because of a job loss or relocation, divorce or possible foreclosure. It's not always predictable. Therefore, all you need to do to start the process of selling your Northern Colorado house to us is to fill out the short online form. You will no longer need to worry with the thoughts of, How am I going to sell my house today?


One of our Certified house buyers will come out and assess your house and answer any questions you may have in regards to selling Northern Colorado houses to one of our franchisees. While we do buy a great number of houses in Ft Collins and Greeley, we also buy from all the surrounding areas.


You can be certain that you will receive a fair offer from your local certified house buyer. Each team member has to go through our corporate training system. It is based on buying and selling over 45,000 houses. This is required before we allow them to evaluate and make offers on any homes. Due to this extensive training, the Ft Collins area team members know the area really well and will be able to make you the best offer possible.


There are many benefits when you sell your house to the We Buy Ugly Houses people! These include:


  • The possibility of a fast cash offer
  • Usually a quick closing based on your timeframe
  • Purchase of the home as is
  • No closing costs in most cases


Where can I buy my house in Ft Collins / Northern Colorado?


If you are a first time Ft Collins/Northern Colorado home buyer, or anyone looking to buy a start-up house, HomeVestors should be your first call. Our houses are beautiful when we sell them. If you need to buy a home in Ft Collins or investment property in Colorado, then come to us first as our homes are priced fair and ready-to-sell.


To get the process started today, simply fill out the available online form. We are not required to evaluate your house or make an offer. However, if we do, you could have a quick sale and cash in your hands in no time!


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