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Colorado Real Estate: Buyer or Seller's Market?

May 22, 2012

When people want to buy or sell a home they often want to know whether it is a buyer or seller's market in that area. In other words, who has the advantage in the housing transaction, the person selling the house or the person attempting to buy it? There is never a definitive answer to that question because markets are never completely uniform, there are always areas of a seller's market where the buyer can find a bargain, and areas within a buyer's market where sellers can still make a nice profit. It is never just one or the other, whether you are talking about the real estate Fort Collins market or any other part of Colorado.

For example Colorado, like the rest of the country, has some tendencies towards a buyer's market due to the large number of foreclosures caused by the economic recession of 2008. In many places, including the market in the real estate Fort Collins region there are numerous properties available, which can make for a market not always favorable to the seller in certain price ranges. On the other hand, Colorado remains a very desirable place to live and work, including the real estate Fort Collins market which also covers Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, and Wellington. Here are some things that can be done to take maximum advantage of a buyer's market.

1. Make your house look its best so that it is seen by the buyer as well maintained. If this is not something you can afford to do consider buyers who offer cash for houses as is.

2. While it is customary to offer a price higher than one expects to receive as an opening price when you sell a home, don't overdo it to the point where you scare buyers away altogether.

3. Try offering something a little extra you can throw in to sweeten the deal, like including some of the furniture in the house or offering to leave behind a backyard pool. People like bonuses when they buy something and that is definitely true when you sell a home.

4. Don't be too quick to turn away offers. For example someone offering cash for houses may bring unexpected benefits like speed and convenience that are simply unavailable from those offering different forms of purchasing other than cash for houses. Don't be so choosy that you inadvertently turn down a good offer.

Sell House or Buy as Northern Colorado Home Prices Rise

May 18, 2012

Whether you're in "sell house" mode, or you want to buy a home in Northern Colorado, it's a fine time to buy or sell in this region. Here's why: CoreLogic reports Northern Colorado home prices continued to trend upward in March, which is good news for both home buyers and sellers. This is good news for people who want to buy a home because the trend indicates increasing home values. Selling in an area with increasing home values is also a lot easier than doing so in an area with decreasing home values.

While the upward trend suggested by March's home price performance isn't guaranteed to continue, the steady upward trend in home value along with this region's ability to beat the national average is noteworthy. Northern Colorado home prices prevailed over national home values by a landslide in March. Across the nation, home prices actually decreased by 0.6 percent -- so Northern Colorado is indeed an excellent location to buy a house if you're looking for a return on your investment.

Even distressed sale prices in Fort Collins-Loveland and Greeley increased. Greeley home values rose by 4.6 percent. Fort Collins-Loveland home prices performed a bit better, with house prices rising by 4.9 percent. These figures indicate that Northern Colorado is a ripe area to buy a home or sell a house.

Chief economist of CoreLogic, Mark Flemming, confirms the significance of Northern Colorado's upward home price trend. Flemming shares, "This spring the housing market is responding to an improving balance between real estate supply and demand which is causing stabilization in house prices." Flemming continues, "Although this has been the case in each of the last two years, the difference this year is that stabilization is occurring without the support of tax credits and in spite of a declining share of REO sales."

Stabilization of home prices is a benefit to people in "sell house" mode and those who want to buy a house because increases in home values also indicate the economic climate in Northern Colorado is fertile. Stabilizing home prices also suggest that the recession isn't having a lasting effect in the region. For those seeking to buy a house in the area, the stabilization in home prices confirms that buying in Northern Colorado is a wise decision. As prices stabilize, those in "sell house" mode may find they're able to sell their homes faster than sellers in other states.

A Whole Foods is a Sign of a Great Neighborhood

May 17, 2012

When you are buying a home, you may be looking for the best signs that you are making a purchase in a good housing market. There are several indicators of a good housing market, and many that you may not realize. A Whole Foods supermarket is an excellent indicator of a good housing market.

Why Whole Foods?

Whole Foods supermarket is the retail leader in health foods and products. They are a nationwide chain, operating in cities across the country. Their demographic is the health-conscious single professional or the progressive family that is looking for a healthy food solution.

Whole Foods' price point is higher than that of conventional supermarkets, making them the choice among the more affluent. Whole Foods supermarkets are often located in neighborhoods where the majority of residents are homeowners and professionals. When you are buying a home, these demographics mean the difference between an area where residents are thriving and areas that are on the brink of collapse.

Because Whole Foods caters to a more affluent, educated professional, the neighborhoods that they occupy often have better schools than their surrounding areas. Better schools attract better businesses, which revitalize the community. These businesses drive up home values, making it better for families who have houses for sell.

If you are looking for a home to buy or have houses for sell, areas with health food stores such as Whole Foods are a sign of a neighborhood that boasts security. Affluent residents are more likely to spend more money for food, and select quality foods over cheaper ones in an effort to stay healthy.

When you are looking for a home in a hurry, there are many companies that offer cash for houses in great neighborhoods. These companies will help you get the best deals on the homes that fit your family's lifestyle. Never again will you have to worry about buying a house that may be hit or miss. These companies study the neighborhoods thoroughly and are familiar with the communities in which you are interested.

They take into account factors such as quality of life, unemployment rates, school district ratings and crime rates. When you are ready to sell your old home, they offer cash for houses, making it easier for you to move to your new neighborhood quickly.

When you are ready to become a new homeowner, look for the Whole Foods nearest you for the best neighborhoods.


Newest Trends In Home Curb Appeal & Staging

May 9, 2012

If your house has been on the market for months with not even a phone call. You've probably asked yourself more than once, "Who's going to buy my house now in this economy?"

Perhaps all your house needs is a little Curb Appeal to get people looking in your direction. A house that looks good from the outside is going to attract more attention than one that doesn't.

A Few Simple Tips To Get People Looking Your Way

LED Lighting is an inexpensive way to get people to notice your house.
Try brightening up the front of your house by painting the shutters, columns, and eaves a nice neutral like a medium brown.
Add a touch of brightness to any entrance by painting the front door a dark blue or green. This little trick makes for a very welcoming entrance and it says "buy my home".

There are many little things that you can do to make your house more noticeable to prospective buyers that are looking to pay cash for houses.

How To Stage Your Home For Selling

I needed someone to buy my house now. I had plenty of lookers, but after the tour they never called back. After watching a television program about staging houses for selling one night I knew what I had to do.

The next day I did some research and found out how to stage my house to sell and within one month I had two people wanting to buy my home. It was a lot of work and it took me an entire week, but it was well worth the effort.

The most important thing about staging is to clean everything and get rid of all clutter. A good idea is to rent a storage space and put everything except what you have to have for two weeks in it.

Some Super Staging Tips:

Make sure that all light bulbs are in and on when people look at the house
Organize an alphabetize kitchen and bathroom cabinets (if it doesn't fit toss it)
Dishes, pots and pans as well as storage containers in kitchen cabinets should all match and be kept neatly organized.
Closets should be perfectly arranged shirts with shirts, pants with pants and so on.

Get the picture? You are looking to impress folks who are looking to pay cash for houses or at least some feedback for your house. Get everything ship shape and they will come.



Short Sellers Policy Change 

May 8, 2012

There is some good news on the horizon for those home buyers who are facing foreclosure. They may be able to do a short sale and get a response back from their bank sooner. Right now, there are many companies that are advertising ads that state "we buy homes" even short sale homes. However, the companies and the buyers have to wait while the banks make up their minds, if they want to grant a short sale. When this new policy change goes through, starting in June, the banks will have to start making up their minds quicker.

Right now, a seller can place an ad that states, "Buy my house now" However, if the seller is planning on going through a short sale process first, he may have to wait months while the bank agrees to this short sale. Then a potential buyer may get tired of waiting, and the deal won't happen. Under this new policy, the banks will have to give you a response to your request to do a short sale within 30 days. You also must have a definite yes or no on this request within 60 days. Currently, many home owners are saying that these requests are taking months before they are hearing anything.

If a bank or loan company does not respond within these time limits, they can be monetary fined. They can also face other penalties.

This should cause all banks and servicers to change their policies and the way they respond to short sales. This doesn't, however, mean that they will grant all short sales.

Of course, a short sale is a process in which someone who is facing foreclosure will try to sell their home at a lesser value. The person facing foreclosure must prove to the lender why they are in this state. This can be due to a divorce, a health crises or a loss of a job. A lender may agree to this short sale in hopes that they can get back part of the money they gave the borrower.

Many classified ads showing houses for sell will include listings of short sales. Some special ads listed by some companies will also list that we buy homes, including short sale homes. The reason why these companies want to purchase short sale homes is the fact that they can get these homes at a lower value and are hoping to up their prices.

With more and more people facing financial hardships, the short sale market is becoming a bigger part of the real estate market. This is why the Federal Government is making this policy change. They realize that there are many people on the brink of foreclosure, and this is just one more way in which they can avoid it.

If you wonder if short sale homes are becoming a trend in your current area, check out the houses for sell listing in your own area newspaper, look for ads that say buy my house now and we buy homes. Then you can see why this policy change was needed. However, don't expect your area banks and service providers to be ready for this new policy change. They are going to need time to set up for this new process. One big flaw in this system is the fact that many offers may reach their desks and then be withdrawn. This will throw off the clock schedule on many deals.

What will this mean to a person facing foreclosure? It means, that they need to try to stay as polite as they can with their lender and stay calm as they explain the urgency of their need. One should also remember someone to one to contact can't hurt to move a business matter along, faster.


FAQs--Selling Your House

May 7, 2012

Is This a Good Time to Sell Your House?

The housing market is gaining momentum and can offer the window of opportunity for homeowners who want to avoid going through a traditional real estate agency to sell their houses, which in turn offers great bargains for real estate investors who are constantly on the lookout to buy houses, refurbish them, and turn a profit.

Why Would Real Estate Investors Want to Buy My Home?

Flippers see the potential in profits they can make when they buy a house and renovate it. As a homeowner you would rather cut your losses then go "underwater" by selling your home as quickly as possible. This process is extremely easy to do with the help of online websites that offer to buy your home "as is." You're done.

Should I Wait Until Someone Offers Me My Asking Price if They Want to Buy My Home?

Sometimes it's better to accept a lower asking price when you want to sell your house, instead of trying to get every penny of what you think your house is worth. Homeowners will sometimes make the mistake of renting out their property, or riding out the housing market for the perfect buyer to come along and may end up losing more money with property upkeep, than if they sold the house at a lower price.

Is This a Good Time for Investors to Buy Houses for Cash?

Profits from flipping in real estate come from buying a house at wholesale price and selling higher. Investing in houses is all about seizing the opportunity as it comes. Savvy investors learn to sense the "mood swings" of the housing market. A slow turnaround time for a flipper may involve him or her to start at an asking price that's low enough to make their renovated house as marketable as other homes listed for sale in the same locality, especially if much of their investment was sunk into home improvement. Inexperienced investors, however, may fall for traps that could leave them stuck trying to make a profit.

How Do I Avoid the Risks of Losing Money on My Investment When I Buy Houses for Cash?

Research the rollercoaster-like pattern of your local housing market thoroughly, and attend a few open house events. The flipper looking to make a bigger profit from his investment may also want to consider doing his own renovations when buying houses for cash. Opt to invest in cheaper houses that mainly need cosmetic repairs done on them. Avoid the higher risk involved with doing expensive repairs and fancy upgrades on a house. Concentrate rather on just making the house look appealing and good enough to be move-in ready.

Common Concerns--Moving with Children

April 30, 2012

If you are someone who has kids, finding time to sell your house fast and buying a home can be especially stressful because you need to try to find something that suits not only you, but your child as well. When looking for a neighborhood that will be easy for your child to live in, try to take the following things into account.

  • To begin with, you may want to find a home that is close to a school. This will make the daily commute easier for your child, and easier to sell your house fast if you are ever looking to move again.  
  • Research the local schools, as well. Even if you are close to a school, that doesn't necessarily mean your child will receive the best education.
  • Next, try to find a neighborhood that has many other children to encourage socialization and friendships. Moving is just as hard for you as it is for your son or daughter; it can sometimes be difficult for them to find new friends, so the easier you make it for them, the better. 
  • You may want to find a neighborhood that is close to some sort of recreational attractions, like parks or malls. As your child gets older, he or she will want more things to do and more places to hang out with friends. If you're able to find a place that has a lot of recreational activities nearby, you'll find that when your child becomes a teenager, they'll have lots to do and many places to go to have fun. This also increases the re-sell value and your ability to re- sell your house fast.
  • Research the neighborhood learn the crime rate in the area.
  • Visit the National Sex Offender Registry or the local Sheriff's Office to find out about any sex offenders living in the area. There are some things that parents can do to help them feel confident that they are choosing the best neighborhood for their youngsters today when buying a home. There is never a guarantee, but an ounce of prevention has always been worth a pound of cure.
  • Learn what doctors your children will be seeing. In case of an emergency, you are not going to have time to look for a brand new doctor for your children.

Those are just a few ideas on how to pick a good neighborhood for you and your children when you have to sell your house fast. Deciding whether to move into a neighborhood or not can be a serious decision if you have children. Especially in the world that we live in today with crime on the rise every single day. In the end, it is all about finding a neighborhood when buying a home that will make the move as easy as possible for your son or daughter.


Study Shows Denver No. 2 in Nation for Quick Sales

April 27, 2012

The housing market in Denver is the second in the nation for quick sales, and if you want to sell your house fast, here are some of the things that are driving the market.

Home buyers in Denver are cautioned to look quick and think fast. They must be prepared to draw their checkbooks and make a quick payment. This is the perfect time for sellers who ask where is someone to buy my house.

Metro Denver used to be a buyer's paradise, but this situation has shifted in some neighborhoods and price ranges.

Realtors are telling their clients stories of sellers being able to pick from multiple offers. Many of these offers are for more than the asking price, and most home owners are surprised that there are so many people who want to buy my house.

If you are wondering how to sell my home now, here are some great facts about Denver. The average home only sites on the market in Denver for 33 days. This is way below the national average of 89 days. Learning how to sell your house fast requires little marketing in the current situation.

If you are asking how to sell my home now, it is the time to take advantage of the current market. One buyer tells of how she used to view home shopping as a weekend diversion and would spend her Saturdays touring properties. This approach had to be adjusted because the market is flooded with buyers. Most homes are under contract in as little as 48 hours.

Home demand in the metro Denver area has increased sharply, and the number of homes on the market has rapidly declined.

There aware a total of 10,235 homes on the market at the end of March. This is a 42 percent drop from last year.
This leaves buyers asking, who is going to buy my house?

There are plenty of buyers in the market, and they are taking advantage to the current low rates and great deals in the Denver market.

The most demand in Denver is found in neighborhoods such as Highlands, Mayfair, Curtis Park, Park Hill and Congress Park. Homes in the range from $250,000 to $400,000 are selling the fastest, and this is encouraging news for anyone who wonders how to sell my home now.

The increase in the market value has only slightly risen, but industry analysts believe that the multiple offers on properties and increased demand could move prices higher.

The number of foreclosures is another issue that affects the value of properties in the city. Finance companies own more than 1,650 properties that are not on the market yet. There may also be more homes that could be foreclosed in the future. This will help to balance the demand and should ensure that anyone can learn how to sell my house now.

If you want to sell your house fast, experts advise to have it priced right and ensure that it is shown. Most homes priced under $400,000 are sold within a matter of days.


Home Refinance Goes Up as Rates Go Down in Colorado

April 26, 2012

The number of mortgage loans paid off is up by 2.4% this years first quarter when compared to last years first quarter. The number of mortgage loans paid off is up 28.2% over the final quarter of last year. This has resulted in the public trustees in Colorado to release 74,808 deeds of trust during 2012's first quarter. Usually a release of a deed of trust is the result of someone's real estate loans being paid off whether it be from sale of the property, refinancing or due to making the final payment on the loan. The release of this many deeds of trust is a great thing for real estate Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

The number of deeds of trust that were released during the first quarter was the fourth highest recorded in any quarter in the past four years. It's a good time to starting thinking to yourself, "Is it time to think about selling my house?" The answer of course being yes. With the falling mortgage rate it is becoming a buyer's market again and people are going to start to want to buy again because of it.

While real estate Fort Collins hasn't seen the biggest change around the country it still has had a significant impact on the residents. You will see more people having success with their signs that say "buy my home". When it comes to repairing the damage done to the housing market a good start is having all deeds of trust returns and financing paid off.

"Release totals are up quite a bit since the middle of 2011, and this is not surprising since mortgage rates have continued to drop in recent months and home-purchase activity has begun to pick up, Numbers are still down significantly from where they were 10 years ago, but the first quarter seems to be one of the most active quarters for home loan transactions since 2008."" Said Ryan McMaken, the spokesman for the state Division of Housing. This is exciting because those who are wanting to move and thinking "I am interested in selling my house." now can at any time.

If people don't pay off their finances than banks are unwilling to loan out the money required to purchase a house. Then those people with "buy my home" signs in their front yard won't be able to sell no matter how hard they try. Not many people can buy a home with cash and who can blame the banks for not wanting to invest their money where it is being lost.


How to Stage Your Home for Selling

April 20, 2012

How to sell my house? Believe it or not there is a simple answer to this question; make it one of a kind. When potential buyers come and view your property your goal should be to highlight the strengths of your home while downplaying any weaknesses. Finding the perfect balance between these two will help you appeal to the greatest pool of prospective buyers. Here is a list of staging tips to make individuals who are buying a home fall in love with yours.

Reduce clutter. Completing this step is one of the most important selling house tips for homeowners. Reducing the clutter opens each room up and makes your home appear larger. To institute this as an ongoing rule within your home, for every new item that comes inside your home, remove an old one. When you ask yourself how to sell my house, consider if you would be in the market for a junky one.

Group your furniture. In order to group your furniture the first thing you need to do is pull it in from the walls toward the center of the room. Furnishing the middle section of a room is often referred to as furniture floating. By doing so you will create a cozy conversational section. This will make the room more inviting, which is bonus to to those particularly interested in buying a home for a family.

Re-purpose rooms. If you have an area or room inside of your home that serves only as a junk collection site, re-purpose it into something else unique to add value to your home. For example, take the area near a stairwell that generally houses your umbrella and raincoat and make it into a nice reading area. By simply adding a small armchair and table, you'll add an additional space to your home.

Upgrade your lighting. Ensure that you have the right lighting inside your home to truly display its beauty and detail. Take a new hair color for example, without the proper lighting the color can look dull and unattractive, but with the right light, it's vibrant. Look for lighting options that make your home look welcoming and inviting. As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to have 100 watts of light for each 50 square feet inside a room. Proper lighting is a selling house trade secret.

Make the rooms look bigger. A simple way to make the rooms inside your home look bigger is as easy as a trip to your local paint store. For houses with open floor-plans, paint the walls the same color as any adjourning rooms. If your home follows a more classic floor-plan, consider painting the walls the same color as your drapery.



Tips to Sell Your House

April 18, 2012

Do you ask yourself who will buy my home? Or how do I sell my house? So many questions may go around in your head when selling a house becomes a hassle to you.

Luckily it's not very hard when it comes to selling your house. Just take your time to carefully select who or what plan to go with. There so many companies that buy houses, but, you deserve a best price for house. Never settle for less, because it takes some serious decision in selling a house.

Either you're selling your house for relocating, looking for a change, or anything else, you must make sure it's not something you will regret. People make mistakes by selling their house without proper thinking.

There're problems that come when selling a house which is finding a market for it. And this is not just a cheap market but a hot one. So, instead of getting what you wish it seems to get you bored and losing hope that maybe your wishes are not going to come true. But, guess what? There're people waiting to buy your home, so chill up, and let it take its course.

You've to do what you got to do to make it easy for those who buy houses to find you. You can do this by posting in newspapers, online classifieds ads, or even flyers if you're someone who doesn't mind it.

There are people who put simple "buy my home" for less advertisement online, and receive responses within an hour of posting. Remember to make your ads very eye catching, for many people to click on it. As for the flyer, the pictures need to look the same your house looks. You can make copies at a printing shop that will assist you in producing better and quality flyers.

Just case you think "I will sell my house next month", and next month is nearly an end with no potential buyers, you should not stress it, instead, relax. Remember the saying that good things come to those who wait.

You're not going to be the first one on the planet to face this, therefore, no need to be depressed.

It is not ok to be confused when you need to sell a house. Someone will be willing to buy your house for a good price. Don't put it of low value, because others they need a house just like the one you have.


Real Estate Short Sale Alternative

April 13, 2012

There is a growing new niche market for buying and selling of private homes sweeping across the country. You see their ads in newspapers, mailers in your mail box, as well as posters around the community, claiming that they pay cash for houses and offer better rates than what many mortgage lenders when you want to buy a home. Companies like HomeVestor of America make it easy for individuals as well as investors who are interested in purchasing private homes. These sell house companies will purchase homes from homeowners regardless of their condition, making some reasonable repairs then selling them, keeping available properties in their communities to boost the real estate industry and to keep the dream alive to buy a home to first time homeowners. Since new homes are at the moment, out of the price range of most potential buyers, this maybe a plausible alternative for many.

Another group of potential buyers would be the baby boomers who will like to downsize to a smaller home and need to sell their house rather quickly. Homevestors of America are among the numerous sell house firms that will work with homeowners to sell their homes with a lot less of the hassles they would normally go thru with other realtors. The homes don't have to be in top condition for sell house firms to purchase them because they will bring them up to good selling conditions to offer them to buyers in the community. Because many of the sell home firms are already in the community, they are helping to build and support their community.

Despite some of the volatile changes in the real estate and financial markets, there is a good secondary market where companies offer to pay cash for houses. This is a great alternative for those investors who want to get into flipping homes or create rental property when the overall housing market recovers. With some companies like that offer franchising opportunities and training in what it will take have a successful property purchase and sales in their local communities.

Companies like HomeVestor of America are helping to keep the real estate market alive, giving a second chance to older homes, building up a stronger community across the country. So when you are in the market to purchasing a home for your individual residence or an investment opportunity, visit us at for your next real estate needs.




Fort Collins Utilities Department Upgrades Meters Through the Advanced Meter Fort Collins Project 

April 3, 2012


Phase I of the Advanced Meter Fort Collins project is underway and is installing meters in the zip code of 80525. The project is anticipated to be complete in the Spring of 2013.  Fort Collins Utilities Department is upgrading meters in homes, schools and businesses. These new devices were purchased in part by a federal grant. The new devices are electronic and the old ones are mechanical. They are a must have for those looking to buy homes for cash. Although these new electronic devices have some criticism from the community, they are largely welcomed. 


The electronic electric and water meters:

  • Enable two-way communication between the meter and utilities department
  • Allow faster customer service solutions (in the past people had to call the utilities department to report problems)
  • Prepare Fort Collins for the future of electric and water monitoring
  • Collect more data 
  • Makes the department more cost-effective


Some argue that these new devices were a waste of money and are inaccurate. The city counters that argument, of course, saying that they will save money and are extremely accurate. Others see it as an invasion of privacy, that the devices should not be able to tell the city how much utility homeowners are using. The city will charge $11 dollars a month for those who want to keep their mechanical meter. Eventually, those real estate agents will have to tell homeowners upgrade if they want to sell your house fast


The new devices are listed under Fort Collins Utilities website in the "Sustainable Leadership" header. These new devices are in line with the departments description as a, "progressive utility, working to transform community sustainability into a mainstream consideration."


The utilities department has other sustainable options. Right now, homeowners can sign up for a private 1 1/2 hour session to learn about Xeriscape Design and how to implement it at their home. The signup is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


The Green Building Program is a high priority for the city as well. The department provides background, resources, code amendments and ways to provide input online. They also have hundreds of energy saving tips and reports on their sustainability initiatives. When looking to buy homes for cash, why not choose one that can be made as sustainable as possible? 


Fort Collins is certainly a green city, with a utilities department that backs up community initiatives. We Buy Ugly Houses will buy homes for cash if you are looking to move to a more sustainable home. Sell your house fast with us and move into a more efficient lifestyle. What do you think about the new meters? 




Local Fort Collins Real Estate Group, Fort Collins Board of Realtors, to Host Home Buyer Event April 3 at Lincoln Center

April 2, 2012


The Everitt Real Estate Center at Colorado State University's College of Business says it "is a catalyst; it integrates CSU's real estates students with the Northern Colorado and Front Range real estate community." Tomorrow, they will host a local event to integrate CSU's real estate students with the Fort Collins real estate community. The event is at 9:30 am on April 3 at the newly renovated Fort Collins Lincoln Center and will feature a presentation from the National Association of Realtors.


The event will cover a myriad of topics relating to the Fort Collins real estate industry. Those wanting to find out how to those looking for information about buying or selling a home. A CSU Professor and regional economist, Martin Shields will present information about national trends and how they impact Fort Collins real estate. He will also discuss the current environment of the real estate market. 


A manager at the National Association of Realtors research division, Jessica Lautz, will speak about the "Annual Report of Home Buyers and Sellers." Lautz's discussion should bring up important questions and topics about the changing demographics of home buyers in 2011. Married couples and high income and age people are the most active buyers at the moment.


The speakers are both national level presenters and are bound to bring important and interesting statistics to the Northern Colorado and Fort Collins real estate communities. Anyone who is interested in buying or selling a home or any local real estate agents should definitely attend. 


The Lincoln Center is located on 417 W. Magnolia St. Register online at Everitt Real Estate Center's website. It is free for members and $15 for the general public. 



The Housing Market is Looking Up in Colorado

March 30, 2012

If you are looking for a good time to sell a home, the right now may coming up very soon. There is good indication that the housing market in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Denver, and other Colorado towns is picking up. CNBC just released a story today about the housing market in the mountain states. The Denver market has been experiencing positive growth since January and potential home buyers are having a hard time competing with other home buyers for the home they want. Furniture and landscaping markets are also shaping up.  This is a wholistic look at the positive trend the Denver market is experiencing. 


Just look at these current local, news items, we love good news, don't you?   We buy houses, so consider using HomeVestors if you are looking for a quick sale or for a qualified and experienced agent to help you sell a home


Zombie Neighborhoods are Coming to Life

Recently, the Fort Collins Coloradan released an article about "Zombie Neighborhoods" in Fort Collins. Luckily, these abandoned neighborhood prospects are receiving a new breath of life. Housing projects that were placed on hold during the low point of the recession are starting to sell and gain development. According to one property developer in northern Fort Collins, "We're selling a house about every other day." Hoover said. "It's much better than expected."


CSU Stadium

Development doesn't just start on the personal homeowner level. Colorado State University of Fort Collins, CO  is starting plans to build a stadium on campus that would replace Hughes Stadium near the foothills of the city. This is good indication that development in Colorado, especially in Fort Collins, is starting again after a period of dormancy. It is a great time to "sell my house." 


Ski Town Property Transactions

Vail Daily reports that, "Eagle County real estate is off to its best start since 2008 in both transactions-- 181 compared with 235 in 2008 --and dollar volume --$196.9 million compared with $331.3 million in 2008." This is wonderful news for the vacation home rental industry and for those who own property in a mountain town. 


Tell us to "sell my house"! We buy houses everyday and can give you cash for your home very soon, sometimes as soon as one week! Choose HomeVestors today. 




A Look at Two Colorado Fraud Cases

March 27, 2012

Fraud is alive and well. There are those always willing to hurt others for financial gain. Whether they call themselves investors or developers, they know how to sell a home or get others involved in their schemes. When a person is buying a house or any other real estate Northern Colorado, it is critical that credentials of those with whom business may be conducted are carefully checked. No one wants to lose hard-earned money through fraud. 


Here's a look at two fraud cases in the Colorado courts.

Investors duped by Martin Lee Hutcheson have received nothing for their investments. The office of Colorado Attorney General John Suther has filed an indictment against Hutcheson, accusing him of collecting, from 12 different investors, some $1.4 million for the purchase of Northern Colorado distressed residential properties along with Missouri property development and boat slips. Investors understood property was purchased for restoration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image: Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection  

Such schemes are not new for Hutcheson. The court sentenced him to six years in prison ten years previous for buying cars with money taken from his employer. He had a side business of selling the cars. Even more distressing, is that in October of 2005, while on parole from the earlier charges, Hutcheson posed as an investor, getting clients to invest in his schemes. He promised investors up to a 50 percent return on their investments.

According to the indictment, Hutcheson knowingly lied to the investors, telling them their funds had increased in value, which they had not. He refrained from disclosing bankruptcy filings in both 1994 and 2001. He also didn't mention he'd been convicted of felonies in 1990 and in 2001.

The indictment claims Hutcheson never did buy either real estate or boat slips for the development project in the Lake of the Ozarks. Investors were told there would be no mortgages on real estate Northern Colorado purchased properties. In fact, Hutcheson either put down money on property that went into foreclosure or didn't buy the property at all.

Hutcheson is charged with class 3 felonies of securities fraud, nine counts, and theft of $20,000 or more, one count. If convicted, Hutcheson can serve prison time and pay fines that could top out at $750,000.

A second case involves Ray Marshall, a Colorado Springs developer and chairmen of LandCo Equity Partners. He is charged with misleading 15 investors regarding various real estate projects in the Colorado Springs area. Along with the 15 security fraud counts, he faces charges that he did not let investors know of two previous bankruptcies, one in 1996 and the other in 2003.

Reportedly, Marshall, along with the company president James Brodie, misled investors to obtain money they used in ways different from the reasons they told investors they needed the money. They are accused of using the money as they wished, including for personal uses, which caused the investors to lose their investments.

Marshall also faces additional charges regarding a $42.3 million investment that sought to keep in Colorado Springs the headquarters of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Judge Barney, 4th Judicial District, ruled the two cases would not be merged, even though the cases are related. Going ahead with this trial could put in jeopardy racketeering and theft charges dealing with diverting funds from the Olympic Committee headquarter's deal.

Marshall could face a fine of $750,000 and a prison term of up to 12 years if convicted on the charges of securities fraud.

One attorney for Marshall, Pamela Mackey who also represented Kobe Bryant, basketball great from with the LA Lakers, when he was accused of rape, said her client was not guilty. The strategy chosen by Marshall's attorneys is to claim that there was no intention of fraud. They will further claim that the interests sold in the property developments were not considered securities and that investors were always active, attending meetings and interacting on the material provided about the investments. As for not revealing former bankruptcies, attorneys said that there was no reason he had to provide such information.

Whatever the outcome of the trials, both show how important it is to check past history when investing or buying a house. Developers know how to sell a home. You just want to make sure the  developer has a track record of completing projects.



Colorado Foreclosures Statistics Reveal Residents Need Assistance of Local Real Estate Professional  

March 23, 2012

While foreclosure filings were up slightly in Colorado during February 2012, foreclosure auction sales fell to a five-year low, according to a recent state report.

The real estate market remains troubled but there are signs of improvement. Although foreclosure filings in February 2012 were up over three percent over February 2011, foreclosure auction sales fell almost seven percent to the lowest sales amount in February since 2008.

Foreclosure auction sales dipped from around 1,300 to 1,200 in the past year for a total rise of over eight percent. However, foreclosure filings went up six percent, which may be because lenders are now moving forward with foreclosure filings after recent government legal settlements.
Mountain Homes Denver

 In Colorado, Boulder and Broomfield counties saw the biggest difference in foreclosure filing numbers, dropping between 23 and 25 percent. The county with the largest increase, however, was Mesa, with an increase of over 32 percent. Weld and Denver counties saw the biggest drop in foreclosure auction sales, with a decrease between 18 and 52 percent, while Adams and Mesa counties saw increases between 18 and 19 percent.

Boulder also saw the lowest foreclosure sale rate, with just over 2,700 homes per foreclosure sale, while Mesa and Adams also had the highest foreclosure sale rates with between 700 and 850 houses per foreclosure rate.


Image: Mountain Homes 
The statistics were compiled by the Colorado Division of Housing, which monitors monthly foreclosure activity in the state.

While all these numbers may seem daunting, the bigger picture from this story is that the real estate market in Colorado is slowly improving but the pace is far from rapid. If you are considering buying a house or are thinking, "Sell my home now!" then you need the assistance of an experienced real estate professional.

Real estate Fort Collins is also tricky because Fort Collins is a college town, an agricultural center and some even consider it a suburb of Denver. If you are looking at buying a house in Fort Collins or at real estate Fort Collins, visit For those of you who keep thinking "Sell my home now" or you are facing potential foreclosure, we might be able to help.

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Selling Foreclosed Homes as a Crime

March 21, 2012

Alfonso Carrillo and Rudy Breda are two people accused of committing northern Colorado real estate fraud where they are selling foreclosed homes. There are many northern Colorado real estate agents representing foreclosed homes, and selling them is not illegal. However, it is illegal when you are selling a house that you don't own or legally cannot represent.

The Scheme
The scheme that these two people committed is brilliant in its simplicity. They would go over to foreclosed homes and re-key the house so they can easily go in and out without any difficulties. They would also remove any signage showing that the house was for sale, such as for sale signs and notices of foreclosure on the doors, so no one would know what they were doing is illegal.

Legal Problems
While Carrillo and Breda both claim that they are legally able to sell these homes and that banks are at fault for the foreclosures, what they are doing is very illegal. They are not selling a house that they purchased, nor are they representing the homes for professional banks or establishments.

Instead, they are illegally entering foreclosed homes and then attempting to represent them to non-English speakers. This is like someone going into your home, changing the locks and they saying that you no longer live there. Selling a home that is foreclosed is not the problem; selling a home that they have no right selling is the issue here.

According to reports, they would purposely sell homes to non-English speakers in the hope that they would be unassuming enough to buy the homes from them. Unfortunately, this ploy worked out in their favor until they were discovered.Image: CBS Denver

Carrillo and Breda were selling a home for about $5,000 or less, which gave them a hefty profit considering that they pocketed all the earnings. However, this often lead to problems for the buyers, who would soon be evicted from the home and usually fined for living in homes that they did not legally own. Many reports are stating that this pair has sold dozens of such homes, and it is a surprise that no one caught them sooner.

Carrillo and Breda are currently in court over the matter and it is unlikely that they will emerge unscathed. Selling foreclosed homes that you cannot legally represent is a very damaging crime that has caused many families to lose the home they though they purchased. Foreclosed homes can be great when need affordable real estate. Just make sure you check out the buyers first.




Colorado's Mortgage Settlement: Help for Distressed Homeowners

March 20, 2012

Colorado's distressed homeowners can begin to sigh in relief; the national mortgage lender settlement money has been allocated to the state in the amount of $52.5 million dollars. For those with decreasing home prices, such as those owning Fort Collins real estate, this money is meant to help all homeowners find reprieve from high interest rates and messy foreclosure processes.

These funds are promised directly to the real estate market, rather than filing it into the general fund for the state's budget. In fact, other states, such as Wisconsin and Maryland, have found themselves caught in a tug-a-war between helping homeowners and balancing the state's overall budget. For those who buy a house and find themselves without a job soon after, these funds are meant to help in the processes of lowering principal so that mortgages can be modified quickly and fairly.

Colorado's Attorney General has stepped up for all the state's homeowners and confirmed that the funds will not become part of a balancing act for the budget. Refinancing these high interest, adjustable loans has been difficult; lenders have not had the liquid assets available in their institution to cover such radical changes to existing loans. However, this influx of funds from the federal government has eased lenders' positions on loaning and adjusting accounts. We Buy Homes is particularly excited about the help homeowners will soon be receiving; we can help more people find and secure a new home quickly and with a reasonable price.

Not only are ideas floating around about helping homeowners, homeless people may be aided as well. A portion of the funds has been nominated to be used to construct housing for the homeless. For several years, local state shelters have been overrun by more people in need, especially since the recession hit in 2008. However, the new funds will help bring a new shelter to light for those that have been on the streets for years, providing relief for other heavily used shelters.

The days of extremely expensive housing effectively shunned people from even trying to secure a home. Colorado was no exception. However, part of the allocated state funds may be used to build new housing with a reasonable price tag. This affordable housing will help the surrounding community recover from having too many abandoned buildings that can become eye sores from squatters and illegal activities.

The process to buy a house can be confusing, especially with past lender actions that can border on the questionable. As a result, those homeowners in distress and facing foreclosure may have more help on their side in the coming months. The state is proposing a foreclosure hotline to help homeowners understand the process and possibly prevent it from occurring. In addition to the hotline, homeowners may also have access to legal aid; foreclosure is a legal process the few homeowners understand. With a trained lawyer or paralegal on the side of the homeowner, people may be able to save their credit score or lower the penalties associated with foreclosure.

Lawmakers want to know what homeowners think about allocating these funds, much like us at We Buy Homes. As a result, at least two conferences have occurred to discuss needs and desires for aiding people around the state, such as those owning Fort Collins real estate. It is possible that more gatherings will occur as fund allocation nears its finalization stage.

Overall, the housing industry sees a light at the end of the long tunnel with the securing of these funds. As lawmakers continue to divide out the money, constituents have a chance to make their voices heard as well. Contacting your local state representative is a smart way to voice your opinion and possibly shape how the money is used.